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Blooms of Sivota Bay
Φωτογραφία Πισίνας
Brand new luxurious villas, offer stunning sea view of the picturesque Sivota bay.


This majestic estate will captivate the guests hearts, with its highest standards of luxury and comfort.

Be the first to experience the luxurious accommodation in "Blooms" at an introductory price.

Blooms of Sivota Bay

''Blooms'' is a complex of three main residences (3 x 110m²) located on a 3.883 m² plot in Sivota, an enclosed wooded bay in the southeast of Lefkas island.

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Harmonious integration of the man-made structure and the natural environment.

The site itself, the unique views and the necessity for privacy determined the design concept from the very beginning. Therefore, our team designed 3 dwellings that emerge from the rocky landscape. Each of them is developed on a different level following the terrain, orientated towards the stunning sea view and protected through the carefully placed vegetation zones that supplement the former natural landscape. Carved paths on the rocky terrain ensure the access to each residence and lead to their outdoor space with the swimming pool.

The villa is located 3,6 km from the village of Sivota, Lefkada. Please note that the drive is uphill and some parts are narrow and non-paved.

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